@FivestarH #Romania Lia Olguta Vasilescu wanna #Craiova as a European Capital of Culture? But WE say NO!!
Although embraced within the same native land but far across the wild Capathian mountains, the tourist can travel from the fictional land of Count Dracula, where Disney-like sanitized depictions can be found, to a true 'Land of Death'.

Awoken in the night as a scream of terror rents the air, the tourist can be forgiven for feeling that this is just a little too real. A real cry of death invading the night...

This is the City of Craiova where pitiful, half-dead bodies can be seen moving silently through the shadows only for larger shadows to appear and with a horrific scream of pain another life is ended or worse, consigned to a lingering and painful existence in Craiova's publicly funded death-camp, the so-called public 'shelter' where the only way out is DEATH.

Under the responsibility of Craiova's mayoress, Lia Olguta Vasilescu, the abandoned homeless animals are being locked away and there - conveniently out of the public eye - they are being left to starve or to bleed to death after a 'butcher' will have performed a 'sterilization' on them.

Before they die, they will wish they'd never be born... in Craiova.

The sensitive tourist should perhaps not plan to linger too long as such experiences can echo nightmares for a long time... assuredly the nights will be long and fearful throughout the stay in Craiova.

OFA has started a petition and the letter which you can read below and of which copies will go to the local media as well as to the EU, explains the object of this petition.

For further information, including pictures, please visit: http://occupyforanimals.wix.com/romania-tourism#!sleepless-in-craiova/c1xda

SUBJECT: Unless you address the horrors in your shelter, you can only dream of becoming a European Capital of Culture!


May we invite you to ponder awhile whilst viewing the pictures of horror, abuse and torture taking place in a 'European' city?

The picture evidence compiled in the following link has been collected in the shelter over which YOU have the responsibility: http://occupyforanimals.wix.com/romania-tourism#!sleepless-in-craiova/c1xda

And let us listen for the deafening roar of animal lovers across the European continent...

Outrage from Luxembourg and Germany! Disbelief from the United Kingdom! From Scandinavia comes the clamour for charity and compassion!

But such scenes are not witnessed in most European cities. Humane care and compassion for our fellow creatures are embraced within the European culture.

European culture? An appreciation of both the diversity and the homogeneity of civilization. Appreciation and care of the weak, but also diverse traditions and environments.

European culture? These scenes were viewed in Craiova where the weakest are consigned to a painfully grotesque death or allowed simply to fade away through starvation in YOUR shelter.

Craiova dreams of becoming a European Capital of Culture in 2021... A EUROPEAN Capital of Culture!

Criteria for this accolade include the ability to host a 'high quality program of events'...

One can only imagine the tourist ecstasy watching the dog catchers perform their daily aggression manifestation. Perhaps musical accompaniment could be arranged to provide an illusion of some semblance of normality to this theatre of death on the streets, the gutters and the local disposal shelter?

Whilst it can claim politically to be European, Craiova has yet to create and accommodate European standards before it can lay claim to any homogeneity of European civilized compassion and morality.

Benefits are given as: a new image for the city and increased tourism. These are indeed possible, Dachau, Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen - all attract significant numbers of tourists. But none would ever claim such a perversity as being 'cultural'.

One can only imagine the abhorrence of tourists from other European nations exploring Craiova, a City of creature pain and horror, within a country ill-complaint with European Conventions and having raised a new law licencing the 'eradication' of over one million homeless animals... Resulting in polarization of a society and encouraged community violence, and to fully ensure a departure from European cultural standards, exposure of children in the streets to some of the worst atrocities imaginable against animals, thus impacting on children's attitudes and health.

Craiova, European Capital of Culture?

Unless the horrors emanating from the local shelter are addressed in compliance with the Conventions and standards of the rest of Europe, one can only caution against a dream becoming an illusion... until the morning of awareness dawns and it was realized that it was... just a delusion! An empty derisory, delusion!

And one which assuredly will continue to be represented as such to all who consider that Craiova may be considered either a worthy candidate for the European Capital of Culture award or a desirable place for tourist exposure to a morally bankrupt form of 'culture'

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