Message about the hell hole #Romania and Traian Basescu!! Hello to all my friends! Guess what?? I am Romanian, so... I have some advices for those who had think visit my country. DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!
Most of them, if gonna see that you're not " one of us" - they will put you to pay maybe a double price for a coffee, for a beer, for a room (that was happen to me some years ago, just because my car number was not a Romanian one, and they thought they get rich ... ) . Geographical, is a beautiful country, and maybe the most special in Europe, for the wild places that we have, but that is all! Quality of most of the Romanian people is so low, that gonna surprise you.
Most of it, I am sure, all of you know about stray dogs massacre in Romania. Ooooooooooooooh yes. A small and beautiful country, populated by 90% barbarian people, pedophiles, rapists, thieves, egoist people, who care just about them selves, but they had the shamelessness, to ask to the world ,,RESPECT" .
A country run by baboons, a country where corruption is at home. How they can explain the 3.4 millions euro missing??? Well, they can't so, to cover up, they started kill stray dogs in such a barbarian way, that I never could see. But sure, EU gonna give again to this small fucking country, other money.
Oooooooooooh, to not forget the fucking Anghel family, named by Romanians animals lovers ,,Ang(hell) fam. Ohhh, yes, they grave the little boy online, by Facebook. What the hell.... is TRENDY NOW?????????? They forgot where is the tomb???????? Fucking idiots. After they ask the death of thousands innocent dogs, they tell me that i am crazy because i am not sorry for their lost???? What is wrong with them????
How many children's get on the street because of their parents???? How many of them are sexual abused, and killed, sometime even by their parents hands ... I am the one who is not normal????????
Is something wrong with me??? I present a public danger because I can't swallow a lie???? Because I don't have any prove that this child had died killed by dogs, just words, empty words??? So, I had discover another quality of Romanian people, they are LIARS tooooooooooooooo.
My wishes for baboons leadership of Romania - GO TO HELL ALL OF YOU, and with all my love, FUCK YOU ALL... . And you mister president Basescu, you're a piece of shit, and nothing more.
So, my dear friends, boycott Romanian tourism, economy .... your money will be used to kill , and nothing more!
Regards.... from a Romanian person (still Romanian, I will change that too soon).........

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