That's the hell hole #Romania with the mass killer Traian Basescu and Lis Olguta Vasilescu!! These dogs were rescued from the old public shelter Craiova and from the new public shelter Craiova. Some of them have died, some of them are alive. I made this album that everyone can see the reality from the Public Shelter Craiova. Here you can see the dogs slaughtered by the butcher of the public shelter... the "veterinarian" AVRAM IONEL. Also you can see the poor condition of the dogs because of STARVATION. The mayor of CRAIOVA LIA OLGUTA VASILESCU THINKS SHE HAS DONE A GREAT SHELTER, WHERE THE DOGS ARE FED AND THEY ARE HOUSED IN LUXURIOUS CONDITIONS. Please share these pictures all over the world! THE REALITY IS THAT THE DOGS ARE DYING IN PAIN, STARVING AND SLAUGHTERED. THE MONEY FOR THESE DOGS ARE IN THE POCKET OF THOSE WHO MANAGE THE SHELTER... I HOPE ONE DAY THEY WILL PAY FOR ALL THEY HAVE DONE...!sleepless-in-craiova/c1xda