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View from my hotel @ disneyworld. Happiest place on earth tm.

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2484 days ago

View from my hotel @ disneyworld. Happiest place on earth tm.


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srh82 2479 days ago

lovely view

jb60dlb 2479 days ago

How the other half live eh! Beautiful views, wish I was there! Enjoy your holiday.

emilychristmas 2480 days ago

im there on friday!

Torsie24 2481 days ago

You lucky thing!! I have to wait 6 weeks till I get there! My hotel view will be of Giraffes and Zebra though. Castle view in 2011, sigh. :-D

paulkilleen1888 2483 days ago

Excellent view, dying to visit Disney World!

harrismix 2483 days ago

The Polynesian, very nice - was there last week (I live 5 mins away)

jimjamjanice 2483 days ago

This looks wonderful. Not at all envious - when are you coming back to work we miss you. Seriously have a wonderful time - you deserve it. xxxx

lmtd1 2483 days ago

You lucky, lucky guy, wish I was there. Rain is really a pain in the arse here !

danjones12151 2483 days ago

Love it at the polynesian have a great time!!

jean8888 2483 days ago

Fab Pic hae fun, have you been on the Dibb best Disney site ever

broomparker 2483 days ago

They've smartened teddington lock up haven't they?

dizzyrugbygirl 2483 days ago

Woop!! I'm staying in the Beach Club Hotel for 3 weeks next year on my honeymoon!!! Everyone thinks we're mad going to Disney instead of somewhere like the Maldives but I LOVE DISNEY :) have fun xx

andystaniford 2483 days ago

It is indeed the happiest place on earth! We fly out tomorrow...see you there! ;o)

diane1975 2483 days ago

i'm not jealous even though it's p**sing it down here, Happy holiday's

jpeterw 2483 days ago

Look closely by the speedboat - there's an alligator. Hope you've got some meat in the fridge!

BenedictAshley 2483 days ago

I love Disney World so much! Just recieved Email ive been accepted to apply for "Manager of Entertainment!"

jofilm 2483 days ago

I am not usually an envious person , but right now I would love to be there !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ajjs 2483 days ago

that looks so beautiful have a lovely holiday with the family!

Shellybed 2483 days ago

wow I am so jealous

RustyBransteinX 2484 days ago

Looks lovely. We are on holiday in California. Not in quite as swish digs as you lot. Have fun at the Magic Kingdom :) Persephone