Finally got my decorations taken down. This was a floating face I made based on an old idea I had and a suggestion from a coworker to add a mouth to it. The eyes and nose are ping pong balls with LED's stuck inside them. It doesn't show up right in the photo, but it has a red nose. The mouth is made from a tissue box I cut and folded, with butcher paper covering a mouth-shaped hole I made in the cardboard. Two LED's are on the back wall of the triangle to let the butcher paper diffuse it. Except for the mouth, which shares one battery, each LED has its own CR2025 battery taped to the leads. The whole thing is held up by fishing line with two wire hooks I made and an ice cream bucket full of water for weight that the line loops down through. Everything is attached with black electrical tape so it can't be seen in the dark. If I do it again, I will probably paint the tissue box matte black so it doesn't reflect light.