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My foot was attacked by my fiancee/henna monster.

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1808 days ago

My foot was attacked by my fiancee/henna monster.


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x1x2x3x_AE 1732 days ago

Hey, thats a tatoo *dont trick me :P*

SirValor666 1733 days ago

Is it a Scorpion Tattoo?

Poptartman234 1735 days ago

owch? what is that a tattoo? maybe you just spilled ketchup on ur foot

LastArabian 1756 days ago

Urah! its like tattoos xD

CyanAsif 1757 days ago

So that has to mean that is a lady foot cause you are wearing mindi

CyanAsif 1757 days ago

In my country the thing that isn't a bit mark is called Mindi

Jet1991 1765 days ago

as cleveland from family guy would say(slowly) thaaaats naaaastyy

Crystal_Lion 1766 days ago

Ladylike foot huh? Did the henna monster shave your feet?

BeleenAE 1766 days ago

Cut them nails, boy!

AxelAkuseru 1766 days ago

lmfao at first post MAJOR FAIl

HermanTheKnight 1795 days ago

I would ask a doctor about that.

MEGALUS 1798 days ago

Luckily modern day technology has invented the sock (you'll need it!) *vomits* ("no Draco don't get near my..." *vomits again*)

GriefAE 1799 days ago

err....that looks like a pretty feminine foot you got there Cy XD

Robot_Tweets 1801 days ago

Looked like a rash at first lolz

AQWorldsFreak 1801 days ago

OH NOEZ! ATTACK OF THE... tattoo monster? Whatever. Just hope the tattoo monster doesn't attack your face, too!

Kitsukaru 1801 days ago

wth .... is this real, what I'm seeing here?

DEALWITHEET 1802 days ago

augth 0_0

kinzvlle 1803 days ago

oh a tato

GaleWarrior 1805 days ago

thhhhaaats nasssttyyyy.......

Brega_AE 1805 days ago

Thats a strange picture. Is that a tatto? i hope there will be a wedding event on dragon fable