STOP mass killer Traian Basescu in #Romania !! Since the beginning of September 2013, not a single day has passed bye without news about atrocities committed in animals in Romania.
Animals are shot and killed, on right near his house in a residential area IN A TOWN in Romania, cats have been killed by the tens in Sighetul Marmatiei, North West Romania, animals ( dogs and cats ) have been EVISCERATED in Constanta ( near the Black Sea ) mass poisoning of dogs in Suceava looks as if the HELL blew its gates apart and there is a non spot killing of mostly dogs.
I kindly ask you to sign these petitions and share them, far and wide!!

Justice for the dog shot and killed near his house in Craiova

Justice for the tens of cats savagely killed in Sighetul Marmatiei

NOW< the dog catchers from Bucharest, torture the dogs when capturing them, they use tranquilizer on puppies, and kill them ( this is illegal ) they terrorize not only the animals but people as well, they enter private properties and even try to rob people of their dogs they walk ON LEASH. 
We aks for the authorities to identify them from the links posted in the petition and punish them

Last but not least, a "celebrity of the Romania TV< talk show host" offered on LIVE TV SHOW, 250Euros for the pelt of a dog skinned ALIVE...everything you need to know is in the info of the petition. Instigation to break a law is punished with 3 years in jail by the Romanian Penal Code
PLEASE sign the petitions and share them.\

If you would like to learn more about these crimes, please visit

Thank you