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im just a man with the gift of song. my music is one small step for me, one giant leap for all wierdkind

my new LA bike, had it n the shop fr 2 months now i got ittttt.  ragin on wheelssss

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2152 days ago

my new LA bike, had it n the shop fr 2 months now i got ittttt. ragin on wheelssss


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DrizzyDrakeXOXO 1739 days ago

CUTE! xxx

devious_p 2122 days ago

nice to see Cudi rollin FitBikeCo

trulypicasso 2124 days ago

Come 2 Seattle, we can ride together lol

dexthavilla 2129 days ago

yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that bike is fire my duder fit bikes rok

Ms_Perfect 2131 days ago

My baby!! Sooo cute we gotta Chief together on day..

DesiTrainwreck 2136 days ago

Kid cudi rocks!

Miriamhh 2136 days ago

Very nice!! i like it and i like u hahahaha

ischooledyou 2148 days ago

mate thats a sweet bike!!

memababiex 2148 days ago

freshh bike . they match yerr shoes .lol

rpinero093 2149 days ago

dat shit go in

Treyskyhigh 2149 days ago

lol thats wats sup

Billy_FLY_Jean 2149 days ago

Don't know why but u remind me Jimmi Hendrix in a gd gd way >:-)

oreeyay 2150 days ago

hot shit...lovin the bike...and the J's by the way...

bluberryLe 2150 days ago

lol haha look at u!!

Janay_Phot 2151 days ago

Awww...your such a big kid! I love it! You know how to LIVE life :)

samenglander 2151 days ago

fresh ass bike and fresh ass kicks

Nannnaaaa 2152 days ago

woaaa mofo iz those some jordans lol :)

swiqu 2152 days ago

cute. hope u have fun up those

tgifsince78 2152 days ago

lil ass bike...thought u meant a Harley or suttin

Hatti81 2152 days ago

Dats a cool bike.