Emery helmet 3 - Rocky

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2573 days ago

Emery helmet 3 - Rocky


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orangenblack67 2539 days ago

Strandj20 why are u commenting just shut up

mclovin7 2567 days ago

Rocky doesnt suck.... your a moron for not noticing 2 things. 1 Rocky is based off a real boxer. 2 Rocky is from philly... hence the reason why he is on the helmet

JasonStrand 2567 days ago

emery sucks and everyone knows that Rob Ray is known as the Razor

CapeMayRealty 2571 days ago

If the orange & black are going to be mean, it might as well start in the net. KO them all and bring home Stanley!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rollmaster 2572 days ago

Yeah it's a pretty dope mask... thought he would bust out more orange and black but hey, what ever suits the 'Mike Tyson' of hockey!

flyersfan418 2573 days ago

for the people who dont understand all of the pics are the same helmet just different angles.

jsaquella 2573 days ago

Rocky sucks. Should have Meldrick Taylor and Matthew Saad Muhammed on there instead of the fake boxer.

mbrett06 2573 days ago

perfect, our new ron hextal. with b-hop and smokin joe on the front. i think im in love

tyroth1 2573 days ago

I like them all its going to be hard just picking one,he should have 1 for home and away 1

jennmc915 2573 days ago

Rocky is the best one..... the others suck!!!

Scott_Nickles 2573 days ago

No matter the order, so sick

JimMeck 2573 days ago

Nice. Now let's make sure what's inside the helmet stays just as cool. Can' t wait! GO FLYERS!!!

OutcastKeeper 2573 days ago

Beast mode activated

garagooseo 2573 days ago

the only word that comes to mind is sick, helmet reps laying down the law in the crease

davolir 2573 days ago