Emery helmet 1 - Bernard Hopkins

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2184 days ago

Emery helmet 1 - Bernard Hopkins


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orangestreak 2180 days ago

Sweet mask! Should frighten Crosby off!

pineapple9684 2180 days ago

I am not so sure that I like it really. Just from a design point of view, I really do not like the color scheme at all. I think it looks terrible.

Niitty0628 2180 days ago

I don't like it. there is almost no orange and black. the artwork is done very nicely and I know that goalies can decorate as they see fit, but others have been able to put on their own interests and still heavily favor their team

BillBuonasorte 2182 days ago

The whole helmet sucks from every angle. Where is the orange and black... The helmet isn't only suppose to express the goalie's interests, but should also express some loyalty to the team. Go back to the drawing board and get a new artist.

Allie_rific 2182 days ago

Though I am not a huge fan of Emery either, I do feel like he will be a great asset. Let's hope he puts his past behind him and kicks major ass!! :)

loudidonato 2182 days ago

Awesome!!, Emery is going to have a big year!

PhoenyxArts 2183 days ago

The airbrush work alone is enough to call this awesome, no matter the subject.

flyerfan973 2184 days ago

Nice helmet!!!! Lets give the guy a chance here before passing judgement.

143flyers 2184 days ago

I have an idea for you, reelhawaiian, why don't YOU buy & pay for his mask and the artwork? Then it could have what you want on it. He's a Flyer, accept it.

reelhawaiian 2184 days ago

i was never a fan of ray emery, i feel like he has no right to put rocky on the back of his helmet,or smokin joe. he hasnt proved to anyone anything. i know the season hasnt started but wtf man

heyygoalieee 2184 days ago

And it's from weaselhead?! That's the same company that did my mask.. but my favorite one he did was Garth Snow that had Bumble from Rudolph and a snowman for the Islanders. Sooo much cooler.
But this one is okay.. it's just what I would expect for his

mbrett06 2184 days ago

i agree with allie. dude you just called b-hop gay, your a ratard

Allie_rific 2184 days ago

Clearly Dave does not enjoy Emery. Awesome graphic!

rdwbass 2184 days ago


DinkusMaximus 2184 days ago

The mask was painted by Philadelphia professional mask painter Doug Wager of Weaselhead Custom Designs ( Many should be familiar with Doug's work. He painted masks for Hackett, Houle's anniversary mask, Munroe, Aubin, Teslak, as we