#Romania A new entrepreneur business!! STOP the corrupt MASS MURDERER Traian Basescu !! 
In fact the politicians appropriate very large sums of money to the handling of the street dogs but in reality the money rarely benefit the pound dogs or prevent new puppies from being born. The whole social structure is corrupt and it seems like greedy hands have found the perfect income and the perfect object thru which they gain political popularity – the handling of the low status dogs that nobody cares about but a lot of people seem willing to pay for and vote about. I dare to maintain that the Romanian politics regarding the street dogs has created a whole new entrepreneur business among devious veterinarians and managers of dog pounds. A corrupt veterinarian that attests that a castration activity is ongoing creates a legitimate expense in the official budget. At the same time pounds for the dogs are lucrative as they are subject to high and regular expenses in the official budget, as on the paper the dogs receive care, food, veterinary attention and also ethical euthanasias when needed. But I’m sure that anyone who ever visited a couple of Romanian municipal pounds have seen with their own eyes that the dogs get neither of this, at least not in proportion to what is paid for.

If Romania ever in a long term way is going to succeed to solve the problems with the street dogs, the corruption must be stopped and thereby also the lacks of confidence people feel for the whole political system. In the meantime, we have to support animal welfare organizations in their political work and their work with massive castrations to at least prevent the birth of new stray dogs. The situation is urgent and it’s obvious that Romania cannot deal with this by itself.