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3-Time Pro Bowl Outside Linebacker, Buffalo Bills.

5ft rattle snake in driveway...YIKES

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2673 days ago

5ft rattle snake in driveway...YIKES


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GayleCartwright 2545 days ago

I say about 6-9 inches not 5 ft.. lmao And I don't see the Rattler lol

weimy1313 2663 days ago


mruntouchable28 2673 days ago

I would've had myself a new pet

mruntouchable28 2673 days ago

I would've had me a new pet

cjvitulli 2673 days ago

haha the only thing in the world that i've ever been scared of is snakes. they creep me out soooo bad. ugh.

KatieRose__31 2673 days ago

umm yiiiiikes! Absolutely!

vickisportz 2673 days ago

Nasty surprise! I'd head for the hotel....

tattdchargerfan 2673 days ago

YIKES!!! is right!! oh lordy thats some scary shit!! i wouldnt be able to sleep

sakej 2673 days ago

Don't go putting it in a pit with another snake.

SDBoltGirl 2673 days ago

I hope your pups have the Rattlesnake vaccine - you don't want them messin with that snake!

spiritwolfmma 2673 days ago

Its a good sign...hes a messenger to give u fearlessness and killer instinct. Our animal brothers look after us Warriors my man. Be well.

sdtruebeauty 2673 days ago

OMG!!!! I would never go back home... Snakes are the worst... Eww

MarcusChristian 2673 days ago

don't tell me your big ass is scared of a snake

chrgrfan21 2673 days ago

probably JaMarcus russel put there he's afraid

Journey78 2673 days ago

I would of hauled ass too!!! It's fair game, it's on your property!!! Kill that SOB!!!!

urabore 2673 days ago

I heard they taste like chicken Merriman, don't pass up a good meal.

Too_x_Smoove_v1 2673 days ago

You a line backer for the san deago chargers you should kill it but it if it rattels run for you life

gillsp1 2673 days ago

maybe ocho cinco planted it there. i heard he doesnt want to face you this year!!

patrick_alberts 2673 days ago

If you kill it Goodell will def have a meeting with you and suspend you until week 6!!!! hahahaha

freshprince1989 2673 days ago

oo shiiittt,,,yooo if u go past it it will bite ya ass!!! dat shit over wit ya car man