Jack Dorsey


Creator, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Twitter; CEO of Square.

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a5Pa7a 1829 days ago


jvalueinvt 2034 days ago

nice photo

mrjoenoia 2298 days ago

cool picture

mrjoenoia 2299 days ago

cool picture

JakeDotOrg 2438 days ago

phenomenal suit i would do anything to have one like it

kirkwork1 2475 days ago

Hey Jack, best pic I've seen today!
How about John McCain next?

f1play 2479 days ago

Jack, you look great Mate!

mrbcomm 2479 days ago

Must be your big day! Congrats! Mayor looks happy and having fun. Good job.

Manuel0503 2479 days ago

nice tan too...

heyjers 2479 days ago

awesome suit jack! who are you wearing?!

rodlie 2479 days ago

that is a wicked awesome suit, Jack. Very nice cut.

mollari567 2479 days ago

haha, that's great, the Mayor is using a Bold and Dorsey is using an iphone! lol- gotta love it! Go Bloomberg 09! woot woot!

corocet 2479 days ago

is this inside Bloomberg's bazillion-dollar house?

Carly_Chanel 2479 days ago

Bless him, bet it complicated for him..

caroline 2479 days ago

love the suit. :)

mjordy55 2479 days ago

Jack Dorsey, thanks for sharing your pic of You and NYC's Mayor Bloomberg. We really appreciate it. I hope Mike gets on the twitter wagon!

ZAmmi 2479 days ago

Said it before; I'll say it again, Jack, you carry off a well-cut suit awfully well. Never seen you look anything but slick

SaritaPagita 2479 days ago

Lookin' good Jack. You represent stl so well!

cousinmoira 2479 days ago

so handsome, that jack dorsey is...

ashleyscorpio 2479 days ago

Very cool. Nice tie btw