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We are a band from New York.

Travis and Claud rock out with James Hetfield at the SF show with Heaven and Hell.

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2678 days ago

Travis and Claud rock out with James Hetfield at the SF show with Heaven and Hell.


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RazielJavo79 2046 days ago


IAmTheCrowing 2668 days ago

There is so much awesome in this picture that I'm surprised the camera didn't explode.

missfit408 2677 days ago

I was up front at Monday's show and saw James at the side of the stage. That was pretty awesome!!

Bluegrassish 2677 days ago

I can see it now, Travis and Claudio will cut their hair and start making terrible music. All jokes aside I love but I can't stand Metallica.

TehElmeister 2677 days ago

That is five different flavors of awesomesauce!

bv310 2677 days ago

Love how happy Hetfield looks.

ms_mommabird 2677 days ago

so stoked!!!!

djw1138 2677 days ago

I never knew it was possible to contain so much beauty in one photograph. I must hear this music.

Sophy23 2677 days ago

AMAZING!.. hope to see you guys soon!

Wife2113 2678 days ago

Amazing! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow in Phoenix!!!! Woo

Cmam515 2678 days ago

Love all of you and keep making the great music that just makes me glad to be human

bsetaro 2678 days ago

Haha, awesome! Agreed with Dante, fully!

TheAntArt 2678 days ago

and you guys think it´s ridiculus when one of your fans smiles like a 4 year old when taking a pic? look at you travis! Rock On! :)

cjmasse 2678 days ago

im having trouble fathoming the awesomeness of immense proportions contained in this one photo.

DomPeppiatt 2678 days ago

You just know that this was Claudio's dream when he was younger. Look at the joy in his face.

MMBarnhill 2678 days ago

So awesome. :D

poisonreap 2678 days ago

Sweet next year we need some Coheed w/Metallica. Awesome year so far guys...keep it up