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Virginia Set To Elect A Democrat As Governor, GOP Voter Suppression Efforts Undone 


There’s an air of quiet panic surrounding Ken Cuccinelli. OK, it’s not that quiet but it’s there. You would think that it would all be coming from his failing campaign and from Cuccinelli himself but you’d be wrong. Next month’s election will be (mostly unfairly) taken as a bellwether concerning the GOP engineered shutdown. But the more concerning issue is the midterms and 2016.

First, we’ll address the (mostly unfair) bellwether aspect. As with any election taking place during a national crisis, Cuccinelli’s impending loss will be blamed on the shutdown. While it is true the shutdown will influence the election, Cuccinelli has been significantly behind in the polls for months. This (mostly unfair) bellwether status will be coming from liberals as well. They will, without doubt, claim that the GOP blowing this election is a sign that America is tired of their insane political behavior...