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October 11 

Occupy Fresno Ca. shared National Day Laborer Organizing Network's photo.
#OperationStreamline courts will not be in session today, thanks to DIRECT ACTION! The people say #Not1More! Court was scheduled for 8am in Tucson, but activists have locked themselves to buses heading to court, and to the center's fence, making sure no one gets processed in these courts today. After 2 hours, blockade is still strong, and no arrests yet!

About Operation Streamline Courts: "In Operation Streamline, people accused of crossing the border without authorization are diverted from immediate deportation and instead sentenced en masse as punishment to 30 to 180 days in private prisons at taxpayers’ expense. They are lined up in shackles and rapidly tried as a group to prison terms before eventually being expelled from the country. The Tucson court convicts an average of 80-100 people every weekday in its sessions." via National Day Laborer Organizing Network 

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