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A big smile

Amo photographer Aga .. Amo Aga photographer , I heard the children flock to him , and Atdhakon in front of a small black machine , approached him Alhoana of not mastered words to pronounce asked him : Xu Hai Amo ? ?
Photographer : Hai camera , your name, Xu Amo ? ?
Child : Jehan
Photographer: aware of your pictures sweet picture O Ceyhan ČÓ smiled a smile Kpaierh the ßĘíŃ and sweet huh owns !
Smiled a big smile her pant Belaovernma
Photographer: What the heck , my Uncle ; smallest smile ..
Ceyhan : hah no ČÚŃÝ the thought I'd uncle Laugh you , Xu Hevena the first time perception hah ..
Photographer smiled and hugged her laugh Pkamerth we receive this image ..

Ceyhan girl Ahmassah her ​​old two and a half years living in neighborhoods besieged , here took the first steps and uttered the first words , and did not yet know why there behind the rubble of the lives of affluent , such as electricity and Toys and schools and houses of the fact uninhabitable and a warm bed and a doll .

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