#Romania out of #EU !! SO HORRIBLE!! Killing of dogs at Mihailesti PS started yesterday, the very " Animal Day " .....Animal lovers waiting to rescue some dogs were beaten by dogcatchers, arrested inside the shelter and afterwards interrogated by the police. This is Romania.... this is the way we live here.....At least DURING COMMUNISM EVERYBODY AGREED IT WAS DICTATORSHIP, NOW AND THIS IS MUCH DIFFICULT TO BEAR WE HAVE TO SAY IT IS FREEDOM IT IS A STATE of LAW, SOME NAIVE MAY BELIEVE WE LIVE FREE, HERE. NO WAY!! The so- called " doctor" at Mihailesti war cynical enough smirking: come back on Monday to adopt. in case you will still find who to take home. Please share, please let any normal people learn this. Will you never forget . We WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On pic, you see the dog killers Dr. Mengele and a cretin murderer. Look at these faces... it's like a  horror film!!