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Maleha, a distress call === === === === ===


Ghouta town of raging in Eastern maleha pleads with thousands of residents with severe shortages of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, where barriers surrounding the town entry materials to the city in retaliation for the people because of a free army within town town besieged by the light barrier, the following barriers: the ghouta junction and one of the most ignoble barriers in terms of dealing with citizens and prevent any food to the town in addition to bad treatment and degrading with parents at altamiko : A plant called altamiko and is a Government pharmaceutical manufacturing plant turned into a rallying point for the forces of order and has seen its number of battles that killed dozens of troops breeze barrier system: also a nasty junction Jaramana prevents the entry of food into the town and treat people badly manage air defense: the entrance to the town and have the rebels attempted to storm and came under siege but the lack of a unified operation room for the rebels and introducing the system of large reinforcements to the region led The rebels of the front signal Regiment 81 is located adjacent to the airport road checkpoint bridge IV and the rebels were able to edit but the system was able to restore it after introducing significant enhancements in addition to preparation of Iraqi Shiites and the Lebanese Shab'a town: present system inside and shelling the town from afar through the town gate of battle and nerve maleha ghouta Eastern link between deforestation not to mention it being a difficult number in control of airport road and entering Damascus I Able Brigade in the ghouta town, support her rebels and her family have given more than what have it

Report of the Group of land- (Translated by Bing)