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2513 days ago


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lynnzaleski 2508 days ago

Worst house guest ever in Big Brother History...

ChristalLea 2512 days ago

did u see the look on Chimas face when Kevin didn't use thePOV...almost like she was queen and u better had not used it. I hope Jeff uses His power and over throws 'Queen Chima'

acriso21 2513 days ago

I hate Chima and hope she goes home next week. She is so stupid what is she looking for?

Steve_fromNY 2513 days ago

Chima's gonna be yankin out those hair extensions on Thursday's live BB show once Jeff uses his "Power" replaces Russel and Lydia!! Lmao!!

Mommy2Ryder 2513 days ago

Is she forgetting the premise of the show: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

Lindawit 2513 days ago

Rule book?! Give it up Chima. This is Big Brother! Don't matter what's in that book. Jess or Natalie are going home and your next!!! Jeff is the Wizard and he's got the power over you...and that's the way it is!

Luna_313 2513 days ago

Jeff Better Put up Jessie and Nat or its just a waste...

aj82lo 2513 days ago

lol @ chima...can't wait till jeff uses the power to put up jessie and nat

Bongal5 2513 days ago

Well, well well, Chima....Not as much power as we think we have, do we now???? Guess you should have made better contacts. Hopefully your "people" Natalie and Jesse will replace the existing two. (Careful what ya wish for...)