STOP MASS KILLING in #ROMANIA !! On 10th September, 2013 the Romanian Parliament voted to amend the law allowing the 'euthanasia' of all stray animals after 14 days, if not adopted.

But the word 'euthanasia' is probably not appropriate when it comes to Romania... And therefore, and before going into the matter, we feel that we need to qualify 'euthanasia Romanian style' for our dear readers.

'Euthanasia Romanian style' (whether you like the expression or not) has nothing in common with the merciful and painless ending of an animal's life as practiced in western societies.

In the past, "euthanasia" in fact meant: poisoning, strangulation, being burnt alive, beaten to death or injected with magnesium sulphate, water, vinegar, paint thinner and other chemical substances...

Today, "euthanasia" means starving to death, freezing to death, or being left to die of the consequences of diseases, of injuries inflicted during the catching, or of unprofessional sterilizations left without veterinary care.

... or ending the animals' life with the cheapest methods "available"... (we deliberately leave THIS to your imagination)

The next video (graphic) will give you an idea about "euthanasia Romanian style"... In this video the Romanian president Basescu, at that time mayor of Bucharest, said about the stray dogs: "We will take care of them like if they were our children." 

In the past we have seen dogs being clubbed to death with shovels, with axes, or being put in the cremators while still alive.

That IS "Euthanasia Romanian Style" ... the style of the Romanian government.

Before talking about the actual situation, we would also like to remind you, that...

* in 2001 the then-mayor of Bucharest (Basescu) launched a campaign that led to the extermination of about 144,000 stray dogs in the capital alone, spending almost 9,000,000 Euros (62 Euros per dog) during the period from 2001-2007.

THE SAME man who now (Sept. 2013) blames the tragedy of little Ionut's death on ALL the dogs in Romania (on the gentle ones, the pregnant bitches, the puppies, the sterilized ones, the social ones, the community dogs who have never hurt anyone - none should be spared - ALL will have to pay with their life) and decided for a mass-killing-action across this country...

And totally ignoring that a mass-killing is contrary to:

- the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organisation);

- that it contradicts their own Constitutional Court's Decision 1/2012 (that euthanasia is ILLEGAL as a stray dogs management method until all other solutions have been applied properly, uniformly and with responsibility by local authorities);

- that it contradicts the WD 0026/2011 and the "framework"

- the European Council's Convention on the Protection of Pet Animals

- any adequate humans moral principles!

AND, on top of all:

- totally ignoring that, after 20 years of killing Romania's straying dogs, this method has proven to be ineffective!

"Interestingly", though, culling dogs can be very profitable. The President is therefore asking the tax payer to fund an expensive, non-evidence based, ineffective practice.

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