If you like to join The "Emissary Guild" here is all you need.

 A. Requirements. 

 1. Be level 45+ 
 2. Be aligned with Evil
 3. Have 25+ badges
 4. Must have an look as evil or sort of evil as mine
 5. Be a Sambian (samba server), or Evil Sirvian (Evil sirvir)

 B. Rules.

 1. Respect your fellow mates
 2. No trolling/ griefing
 3. Follow the rules
 4. No any form of "HACKING/ CHEATING"

 Follow the rules and you wont be "K.R.I" (Kicked, Reported, Ignored)
 Also, if you see anyone not following said rules, report them to me or any officer available, and we will remove them A.S.A.P