STOP MASS KILLING in #ROMANIA !! WILD TIME RADIO has just released a new interview titled: Help Romania's Dogs!

Following the death of a 4-year-old boy, supposedly through a stray dog, Romania is on a rampage to kill every stray dog in the country. Stray dogs have long been a big issue in Romania and many animal rights groups in Romania and elsewhere have criticized the cruel treatment of animals there..

WILD TIME’s Thomas Janak talked to Vlad Dumitrescu, a civil engineer in Bucharest, who has a very sensible view of his countries’ current actions against dogs.The conversation touches on many things including hysteria, corruption and possible solutions.

It also shows how divided the country is and how many people in Romania do care about the stray dogs and are doing a lot to help.

Help also comes from further afield. Wild Time talks to Izza Siebert from “Gegen Tierquaelerei” who hails from Germany. Izza and others of her group are currently organizing numerous trips to Bucharest to not only feed many of the dogs there but also to get some of them out of Romania and into new homes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

She also tells us about the many difficulties helpers are facing and they also need financial support in order to rescue and feed dogs. You can donate here:

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