#Romania STOPP the MASS KILLING!! Everything must be in court ! The " emergency decree " , which provides that the dogs are to be caught and killed after 14 days , unless they are adopted is indeed approved by parliament, but has not yet attained the force of law NO ! It is , as in Germany , until now only a bill , the Parliament passed . Then you have , similar to the change of legislation be adopted us in the Bundesrat. But it can still be appealed against before the Constitutional Court . And the president must approve the law again then .
After recently delivered up the legal text of the Constitutional Court , which , roughly speaking , prohibits cruelty to animals in any form and a punishable offense , the killing of a dog is without a compelling reason ( Aggressive , terminally ill ) unconstitutional ! And it does not matter whether their municipalities kill animal shelters or individuals or make hunting dogs !
A non- species- of dogs in rescue centers , inadequate or no care and denial of medical assistance is likewise animal cruelty and thus unconstitutional.
But what can we do ?
Whine and wail on Facebook brings us to the dogs and nothing, absolutely nothing . It must flood a wave of ads that prosecutors and courts of Romania !
Everyone here who has friends in Romania , they must ask you to be active. You must shoot photographic evidence , send a message to the prosecutor , NOT to the police ! If the offender is not known, then against unknown persons . Pictures are here , the prosecutor OBLIGATION to determine .
Anything that looks somehow like animal cruelty , must be documented and displayed ! Please keep this in EVERY one you know in Romania.
It can also be reimbursed from Germany from ads . But only in really provable cases ! With reports from people you trust and ALWAYS with pictures.
Shows sanctuaries on , municipalities, if provable , is that they kill , they kill AS and the dogs are poorly maintained and cared for. Domkumentiert ALL , images, pictures, images - of something important!
Makes accurate details of where , who, when - more exactly , the better!
People , covering the dishes with ads but does not make us credible with vague allegations or suspicions . What has hands and feet , is provable that compels prosecutors to determine . Believe me, they do not let it fall by the wayside as far as Romania is already a right state!

And please share , share , share ...