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THE MATCHUPS FOR TODAY'S TOURNAMENT ARE SET. THE MATCHUPS ARE: Blue (NA) VS Valhas (Valhas auto wins) Asuka vs Lance (NA) (Asuka auto wins) Alder (NA) vs MudkipMolester (Mudkip auto wins) Reizo vs CookieSlayer Tomcat vs Raine Deniz vs Cyntha (NA) (Deniz auto wins) Ulteh vs Wallace (NA) (Ulteh auto wins) ToweRs vs Steven (NA) (ToweRs auto wins) The auto win matches are due to the small ammount of participants. The Battles will go as followed: First Match: Single Battle Second Match: Double Battle Semi-Finals: Triple Battle Finals: Single Battle Time/Date: Saturday the 14th, 09:00PM (21:00) CEST. Use a time zone converter to find your time. Server: Will be announced 30 minutes before the matches start. Will it be recorded? Maybe. Rules: -You can use 1 LEGENDARY POKÉMON. That's right, 1 of the legendaries can be used, no limit to which, but only 1. -Wobbuffet is banned. -All 1 hit KO moves and endeavor are banned -NO CLAUSES. Clauses are for wusses. -BE IN TIME. -You have 5 minutes to show up before your match starts Contestants: 1. Deniz - @Cowctus - Swampert 2. Raine - @Model_Y_ - Umbreon 3. Tomcat - @Tomcat435 - Salamence 4. Asuka - @TheAmazingAsuka - Starmie 5. ToweRs - @_ToweRs_ - Lucario 6. MudkipMolester - @Mudkipkun - Vaporeon 7. Ulteh - @Ultehpie - Zoroark 8. Cookieslayer - @Xervos - Scizor 9. Valhas - @ValhasDrew - Luxray 10. Reizo - @SenninReizo - Gliscor 11. Blue (NA) - Blastoise 12. Lance (NA) - Dragonite 13. Steven (NA) - Metagross 14. Wallace (NA) - Milotic 15. Cynthia (NA) - Garchomp 16. Alder (NA) - Volcarona WHO WILL GET THE GLORIOUS MASTER BALL? WE'LL SEE.