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keyandpeele54 1040 days ago

#NintendoMinute How has your favorite Nintendo character changed or grown over the past years?

fork96 1042 days ago

#NintendoMinute If there was one thing you could change on the Virtual Boy for this year's tech, what would it be?

Iderok 1042 days ago

if you could have a new game of any series you want what would it be

ChugaLocoBo 1042 days ago

#NintendoMinute If you were to have never made one nintendo series. what would it be?

ZeldaGalactic 1042 days ago

#NintendoMinute If you could be any Nintendo Character who would you be and why?

JimmyN1261 1042 days ago

#NintendoMinute over the years, how have Nintendo games or characters affected you personally?

sonicharuhi97 1043 days ago

#NintendoMinute what is your favorite Mario character and why?

sonicharuhi97 1043 days ago

#NintendoMinute have you ever play a sonic the hedgehog game?

sonicharuhi97 1043 days ago

#NintendoMinute what is your favorite Nintendo game and why?

Luigifan30 1043 days ago

#NintendoMinute What 3rd party game would you like to see on a Nintendo console in the future?

Luigifan30 1043 days ago

#NintendoMinute What is your favorite Nintendo 3DS game?

Luigifan30 1043 days ago

#NintendoMinute Which future Wii U game do you think will be the best? Why?

DanniTehLeopard 1043 days ago

#NintendoMinute What is your favorite game Luigi has starred in, in the Year of Luigi?

AntySenpai 1043 days ago

#NintendoMinute What game(s) that is going to be released in the future for the Wii U do you think will be the most sold game?

DillonWright4 1043 days ago

What Nintendo console is your favorite of all time? #NintendoMinute

Starmannumber51 1043 days ago

#NintendoMinute Is Nintendo going to do anything else with Earthbound or the Mother series?

IpwnedU123 1043 days ago

#NintendoMinute This is related to my first question. Will Gary, Allison, and/or Dark Gary ever make a special guest appearance on your show?

Hedgehogninja78 1043 days ago

Is it a big buzz that Reggie will be in the next Smash Bros in the office? #Regginator

i_Xton 1044 days ago

#NintendoMinute What would be your favorite idea to become a Nintendo franchise?

HaydenSkearney 1044 days ago

minute what was the best video game ending that made you feel so good in side and why.