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dancedivaqt247 2677 days ago

It IS them. I found a video showing Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart walking into the car at the same time. It's really good quality too and you see their faces close up.

Vivi217 2678 days ago

You where their lucky...

kristykorona 2678 days ago

Ahhhhh I wish I was there.....*sigh*

piacetwilight 2678 days ago

that woman with the purse is Stephanie Ritz. Rob's publicist. You could see her sitting behind him at the TCA. So i believe it is them in there, even if the person in white isn't KS.

emilyviccctoria 2678 days ago

I love them. They are so cute :)

Ashlee24_7 2678 days ago

Not to step on any Robsten toes cause don't get me wrong I LOVE both of them to death!! But I agree w/jolilabrat...unless KS changed tops I don't think it's her cause her white shirt was a tank and this isn't.

PrincessJoa11 2678 days ago

Robsten 4-ever my fav couple!!!

kbphomavong 2678 days ago

I'm pretty sure it's them. that's Kristen in the white and isn't the blonde girl Rob publisist?

jolilabrat 2678 days ago

kristen's white shirt from the back is a tank top (white) whith the black straps off the shoulder. THIS looks like a regular white shirt.

ShaielyF 2678 days ago

Twilight 11 premios ,uhhuull, vlw ♥

anapaulla 2678 days ago


retrosanity 2678 days ago

i think it is them, i see the back of kristen's head, or what looks like it. plus the white undershirt from her black vest is visible.
good for them. (:

LaurenMansley 2678 days ago

ohhh mannn!, loveeeeee robstennnn :):)

hauntedsoul2008 2678 days ago

can't even tell its them