OMG!! What's wrong with people of #Romania!! WHAT'S wrong with this woman, who prefers to cook, and NOT to help this poor dog!! Where's your SHAME Romania!!

A phonecall (like tens of others) of a lady saying she saw a dog she knows hurt at a leg and in pain. She says she used to feed him and now returned from a 3 weeks vacation and found him like this. She asks if someone can come and take him to a vet to at least euthanize him and end his pain as he is shivering and refuses to eat from so much pain.
Me: Can you take him to the vet because you are the one who feeds him and the dog knows you ?
The lady: No, I am afraid he will bite me, I never touched him.
Me: If you are afraid to touch him, and the dogs knows you and you used to feed him, how do you suppose a stranger could touch him and he would allow that without biting?
Pause ......
Me: I was just bitten by a dog and cannot risk being bit again by a dog in pain and who does not know me at all, the surgery is not even healed yet, one bite now would mean the end of my right arm. My colleague works from 8am to 7 pm then goes at tora to care for the needs of 40 dogs , I dont even dare bother her, but even if it wasn;t like this, she recently had cancer and is taking very strong pills and her immune system is down, she cannot risk being bit either as it would cause major damage to her health and I was the one handling dogs directly, like in this situation, untill now, but now that I can't anymore either, really, can't YOU take the dog who already knows you to the vet? It is so simple for people to give a call and think thats the end of their moral duty of helping a living being in pain, but someone else to make time and risk their health by dealing with dogs in pain who dont know you and may very well get aggressive. Are we, 2 persons, the only people in this city who feel sorry for the animals enough to do something about it not just pass it onto someone else?
The lady: OK I understand but isn't there anyone in this city who comes and takes the dogs to the vets ?
Me; Excuse me ? Does anyone have any obligation to help a dog and take him to the vet, does anyone have any obligation to help even another human being in need ? No. People who have a soul and compassion for beings in pain do something about it, the rest dont, there isn't anyone "hired" to do this.
The lady: But so many people walked by him and saw him shivering in pain and continued to walk without helping him in any way.
Me: Well if you , who you know the dog, are "afraid" of touching him, and the dog knows you and knows you have been giving him food so its least likely to bite you of all people, and you are not willing to touch him because you are afraid, maybe the strangers walking by who don't even know the dog and the dog does not know them are afraid of being bitten also, wouldnt you think ?
The lady: well .......ok.... I will see what I can do about it.

I called her after 10 minutes.
Anything new about the dog?
the lady: No be honest, I started cooking and I didnt call anyone anymore at the moment.

We get about 4-5 calls like this everyday . "There is a dog/puppy who is hurt/skinny/abandoned/etc X part of the city , can you help him?" Whats wrong with people, dont they have 2 arms and 2 legs also, aren't they ashamed to give a call and ask someone else to always come and solve the problem, what kind of animal lovers or human beings with compassion they are if they get rid of it all with a simple phonecall sending someone else to do the work when they could just as well take the dog to a vet? So, still grumbling, but I wasnt at peace so I took a taxi and went to see the dog. And this is what I found. I talked to him, fed him a couple of meat pieces and he is afraid and in pain, but he does not seem aggressive and he took the last piece which I gave him straight from my hand. Still I cannot put the muzzle on him because I just cannot take the risk, I will lose my hand if I get bit now. Now we are trying to find someone willing to try put a muzzle on him and bring him at TORA to try and save his leg with antibiotic and antiinflammatory for a week (as the vet said on the phone), to not amputate it right away as there is still a chance to save his leg. Vet said after seeing the pics that he caught his leg in a wire 2-3 weeks ago (as it wouldnt have gotten this bad in a short time) and it killed the blood circulation. Trying to chew off the wire he ripped off the skin on the area where it is red flesh. If in a week his leg is not better he will need amputation but he thinks there is a chance to save the leg and it is worth trying. If we will find someone to put the muzzle on him we will let you know, as we will need your help with funds for the treatment or surgery and post-operatory treatment. Due to TORA closing shelter on 1st October this is the last rescue done and if the dog is not offered a home after he is back on his feet (as we will make sure he is healthy and strong by 1st October), we will then have to bring him in the PS. He looks a lot to me like a dog in our shelter called Mary. Will keep you updated.....pray that someone else can put a muzzle. I am so pissed off in such moments that I got bit and I cannot use my hand to muzzle dogs anymore when people react like such pussies as if its such a big deal and always expect others to take all the risks and do all the work. Shit shit shit. Sorry for the long post and all the honesty, but its causing nausea to see so much indifference.