D-Man Is Coming Home 2Day From CAMP (Seizure Kids- Camp)...He Had A SEIZURE Yesterday After Climbing The "Rock Wall" But I Think A Lot Has To Do With The Temp (97 Degrees) Hopfully He Will Have A BETTER DAY Today. I Was SO BUMMED That I Could Not Go After 6 Months Of Work To Get D-Man There But "Ankle Doctor" Said NO WAY! I Am STILL On (Crutches & Soft Cast) For The Next *8-12* Weeks, Somewhere Around CHRISTMAS!!!! #YUCK 

I'm HOPING Greg Antonides Took GREAT PICTURES So That I Can SHARE Them All With #TeamDariusPVLArmy ! D-Man's (1st) Camp Experience Along With Me Since I Didn't Go!!!!

Thank God, [Camp U Can] Arranged A *Scholarship* For D-Man Or HE Wouldn't Have Been Able 2 Go! AS A #FAMILY Are SO THANKFUL That D-Man Was Able 2 Go & We Hope Even Tho- He Had Seizure, He Will Have SOME MEMORY Of The WKND!

We Love You All & Are Very Thankful For The #Army TOO! You Keep Us Going When Things Get *Frantic, *Crazy, and ALL Around *NUTS! Your #SUPPORT Is Everything To Us AS A #FAMILY and Those People That Say #FACEBOOK Does Not BRING REAL FRIENDS IN REAL-LIFE, THEY ARE WRONG, @ Least With (D-Man & I)! There Are Times I Feel I Can't Take All The Chaos Anymore & I Open #Facebook #Twitter and I Read Comments and Then It's Like A #JOLT Of Optimism, Then I Can Make It All Over Again!!!!

LOVE YOU ALL,  STEPHANIE & D-MAN  — feeling loved at YMCA Camp Kitaki.