#Romania NOT deserve to be a member of the #EU !! The strays are in danger again! 500 dogs will die today in Craiova!! STOP Lia Olguta Vasilescu, the mayor of Craiova!! 
Introducing Lia Olguta Aliescu – Mayor of Craiova, Bitch from Hell – 500 dogs will die today!!
All the corrupt officials are using the tragic death of a 4 year old to commit mass murder of dogs. The charming mayor of Craiova, one of the world’s most evil women without fail, has announced this morning that today is the last day anyone can adopt from the Public Shelter in Craiova. 

They will start killing all the dogs in there. Lia Olguta Aliescu ordered the closure of the shelter in June for some days to carry out mass killing and mass neutering of dogs and has since openly and regularly announced in the press that she will not spend money on food for the dogs in the shelter going forward, meaning that most of the dogs in there will already be half-dead. 

The death of the child yesterday is a perfect opportunity for her to hide the state of the dogs, all 500 of them before they are killed and solves her problem perfectly. 

She openly hates dogs… This woman, whose FB profile below, is more ruthless than most of the otherwise ruthless men in Romania and my only wish for her is that she gets the justice she so rightfully deserve.


Dear Lia, I pledge to show the world what a nasty piece of work you are. The thousands of dogs you have killed and will continue to kill and the subsequent shame you bring to your otherwise lovely city. I know you are corrupt and I will expose you to the world. You belong in Prison in this life and in Hell in the next.

To all the innocent dogs of Craiova, I hope death comes swiftly, it will be a relief for you after the Public Shelter. Rest in Peace little angels, none of you deserve what’s coming to you.

Boycott the request of Romania to enter in Schengen until it will solve in civilized mode the problem of strays