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fall out works pre order up 1st issue now:

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2516 days ago

fall out works pre order up 1st issue now:


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Carlaismynamee 2429 days ago


cm36921 2436 days ago

Really Smart! :D.- Mary

robertoblinker 2436 days ago

very good!!!

gee_y_lili 2443 days ago

It looks so good!"...i love it...

MyDearDelirium 2511 days ago

Just saw this today; (Twitter had problems for the past few days) I love the art. There's a little distinction that's incredibly unique from the others.

miserylovedme 2511 days ago

Nice!! I love it. :]

Buhpoynter 2514 days ago

The boy with a bear costumer is really cute... Love it!

Augusto_Regla 2515 days ago

Ameiii! I love!

saportapotty666 2515 days ago

The girl in focus reminds me of a mix of the white violin in the umbrella academy and a star trooper.

IAmZhane_ 2515 days ago

will this be avalible in the UK aswell? .. nice work still :]

Echelon_Dee 2515 days ago

be nice and deliver it to europe too. tnx!

MWKvanessa 2515 days ago

oh WHOAH!! nice artwork! i want one!! =D

parvati513 2515 days ago

wat is this i dont even

mynameismisery 2515 days ago

i like the backround art

izabellahway 2515 days ago

Pete.... Did u saw the umbrella academy from gerard way?? My chem??

GiveMeEnvy 2515 days ago

This is gonna be available in the UK right? Right?!

moonieurie 2515 days ago

great, Pete ;)! good job, I like the characters and style

jessicaoshea182 2516 days ago

Wow! looks amazing. will it sell in the uk? x

amber7887 2516 days ago


Sinister_Sandra 2516 days ago

that looks amazing,. how do i get my paws on this peter?