Boycott the Faröer Islands and #AIDA !! And the Bloodlust Continues in the Faroe Islands!! A morbid scene: Children sit upon a newly killed Pilot Whale after a Grind in The Faroes.
On August 27, around 2pm local time, another 51 Pilot whales were butchered in the Ferocious Isles. This time in the village Hvalvik, in the East of the Faroe island, Streymoy, not far from the capital, Tórshavn. The name means Whale Bay and 188 Pilot whales were killed here in May 2009. Thankfully, on the evening of the 26th, a Grind was reportedly aborted in Suðuroy when darkness fell, otherwise the kill numbers would be even higher.

When we reported on the bloody grind season earlier this month (Brutal Death and Suffering; Business as Usual in The Faroe Islands) we asked you to write to the Danish authorities.

On 8/22/13, "Maria Padilla Arndt", Assistant Cultural and Press Officer of the Danish Consulate General in New York, replied to a concerned world citizen in the following email to defend the Grind. The e-mail is a combination of standard apologist platitudes and full-blown lies. Sea Shepherd’s replies are added to the text:

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received your e-mail where you express your feelings caused by an e-mail you have received containing pictures of alleged dolphin killings in Denmark. The pictures may have been accompanied by inflammatory and misleading comments, for example that they depict a rite of passage for young men. We take note of the fact that you have found the above-mentioned pictures, and the accompanying text, disturbing. The pictures are from catches, not of dolphins, but of pilot whales in The Faroe Islands.

via Seashepherd