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legion raptor dragon rider :P finally done

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982 days ago

legion raptor dragon rider :P finally done


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Sander_vd_M 980 days ago

Awesome, I look forward on getting it ^^

mephilies 981 days ago

Make a separate armor version for legion tokens.

Armor: 200 tokens.
Weapon: 100 tokens
Helms: 50 tokens
Cape: 25 tokens.

Far prices imo.

mephilies 981 days ago

The mount template that he created for aqw, and seem transfer to oversoul.

Also Zard looks nothing like raptor.

But you're right 1000 times better x3

PeKoO99 982 days ago

Would it be possible to combine the Jawguard and Fourth helm into a Fifth helm?

xrskxshotzz 982 days ago

Yah dage can you and try too also make this item a merge item. For legion tokens or something?

Walford_Matthew 982 days ago

Slightly reminds me of the Zard Rider (http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/zard-rider) but 1000 times more awesome.

MasRendi21 982 days ago

Please Make The Human Version :c

lancelote21 982 days ago

Dage can you put some armors on the raptor to make it much more cooler :D

Kokujoe_AK 982 days ago

That lil' raptor! d(*O*d) I need to get it as a pet, Please!

Dage_The_Great 982 days ago

or make an undead caveman with legion armor

Dage_The_Great 982 days ago

you shouldve done like legion cave man or somthen

NovaDraconisAE 982 days ago

Dude, that is freaking SICK!!! I just wish the raptor weren't purple... :( I would do gunmetal grey

shadow180000 982 days ago

It's Amazing... though i wish it was in the legion merge shop, and in quibbles shop too...

SerRaviel 982 days ago

Still So happy you took my advice and made a raptor! :D I even have proof too

Dage_The_Great 982 days ago

arm looks tobig and raptor needs some armor...

Dage_The_Great 982 days ago

i think that is a bit to much

CivilAE 982 days ago

You gotta make that a seperate set xD

CivilAE 982 days ago

WOW. That lookz great !

VFhone 982 days ago

Woah.. OwO Also sooner or later, Legionaire's would end up demandin' a Legion Raptor Pet, and an armor of the rider.. :3

KiraNightingale 982 days ago

Those lil legs <3