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In Deference to Great Men: Aaron Sorkin vs. the Occupy Movement


HBO's "The Newsroom" aims to show the flaws of the mainstream media, by reporting the news in a different way. Yet, in examining the Occupy movement, it operated exactly like the media it is trying to critique.

Let it be known that everything humans have learned in centuries of people fighting for social justice is wrong. Tell Martin Luther King, Eugene Debs, Howard Zinn, the Founding Fathers, Ghandi and anyone else who has wrestled the with daunting task challenging injustice in the face of immense power to turn on HBO and take some detailed notes. It turns out that Aaron Sorkin, creator and writer of "The Newsroom," a drama now halfway through its second season, has it all figured out. The key to making the world a better place? You must secure a meeting with Max Baucus...