Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Are we RECording?

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1878 days ago


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vivi_best 1832 days ago

do you think you could actually make that please....?

lalaregine 1839 days ago

funny...watched both movies and both good...little brother loved GI Joe while i fell in love with 500 days of summer:)

MissDiorKimm 1844 days ago

u were good in both of movies! love ya!

dolosan 1870 days ago

Good Advertising :))

Sanchez_Says 1871 days ago

so i guess things don't work out with autumn either? lol

xoxoashy13 1875 days ago

HAHAAA i knew it Tom came 4 revenge as Cobra hahaaaa ;)Those movies are both amazing

vivaharris 1876 days ago

oh that explains everything!

juliastratford 1876 days ago

I would see that, as a horror flick (loved GI Joe). Also, when is 500 days of summer going to be released in Argentina? :(

KarmaSense 1876 days ago

LOL. I think could like that kind of movie.

theMarvelZombie 1877 days ago

No wonder Cobra Commander is so angry. He got dumped by Summer. : (

faithariel 1877 days ago

I thought I saw Cobra Commander at Ikea this week...

gweninterrupted 1877 days ago

i KNEW it!!! =)

Krubuntu 1877 days ago

Ha ha! That's rad! :-)

cowgirlie003 1877 days ago

How totally awesome is that!?! Haaaahaahaahaa :)

daniibamm2014 1877 days ago

ha soo double the awesomness rolled into one? :) that's rad !

michasmine 1877 days ago

hahaha! you were great in G.I. Joe and I can't wait to watch 500 days of Summer!

mackenziesierra 1877 days ago

that is like combining two of the greatest movies of this year, does life get any better?

ederitah 1877 days ago

hahah that's way beyond great.possibly magnificent? nah,more than magnificent,it's glorious!

AmeliaMangan 1877 days ago

I for one will never forget that magical summer I spent with Cobra Commander.

thedlb 1877 days ago

Ha!! 500 days definitely the top movie of the year so far. Thinking about seeing GI Joe today.