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'The greatest libertarian show on earth' will feature 'Escape from America' financial advice

FreedomFest ( http://freedomfest.com/ ), the annual libertarian gathering in Las Vegas, will offer a seminar titled “Escape from America: The Five Steps to Financial Freedom,” conducted by the Sovereignty Society. No surprise or scandal here -- this is a topic libertarians have discussed for years. But it's an amusing difference between libertarians and the rising “tea party” movement, which will be saluted at several other Freedom Fest events. The Sovereignty Society's site is chock-full of tips on which sovereign funds to invest in ("If you retreat to these 6 Ponzi-Proof investments right now, your wealth could multiply 3-5 fold, even as millions of Americans watch their retirement accounts go up in smoke.") and essays like this one ( http://sovereignsociety.com/2010/06/17/why-i-gave-up-my-u-s-citizenship/ )from "wealth preservation and privacy expert" Mark Nestmann on the financial benefits of giving up American citizenship...