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  Books  With Marshmallows:  Dead Tropics  by Sue Edge Blog Tour . Of course it is well away from North America at the moment, but this is the place that many big storms that make U.S.  INTERVIEW WITH SUE EDGE: AUTHOR OF  DEAD TROPICS What would you say distinguishes your novel  DEAD TROPICS  from other  books  in the genre? It takes place in Australia. in the  tropics , is the reason why the  book ;s  main protagonist, detective and former conflict journalist Maier, returns to the small kingdom by the Mekong.   - StartThe Cambodian  Book  of the  Dead  started with a small spark of an idea – a young girl crosses a road in southern Cambodia as a foreigner passes in his jeep, killing her accidentally. .    Dead Tropics  #Giveaway and First Chapter.  Family and friends of a teenager shot  dead  on a Q6 bus in May gathered in Queens Monday night to celebrate her life and mourn their loss. “Oh, a conga line. Most of the miners contract a virus and they get deathly ill. I really loved this  book , it ;s definitely in the top 3  books  I ;ve read recently, .  Dead Tropics - a suspenseful horror novel | Dead Tropics  Dead Tropics; About the author; Contact Me; Download Free Sample; My blog; What Fans Say.   Dead Tropics by Sue Edge - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists  Dead Tropics has 98 ratings and 29 reviews.  Ric ;s Reviews:  Book :  Dead Tropics  by Sue Edge Book :  Dead Tropics  by Sue Edge.         .  “BEST ZOMBIE BOOK that I have read so far. Welcome to today ;s stop for  Dead Tropics  tour,  Books  With Marshmallows! Enjoy the interview with Sue Edge and don ;t forget to join in the giveaway!One Review a Week:  Dead Tropics Sorry, wrong  book .  Dead Tropics by Sue Edge | 9781618680365 | Paperback | Barnes & Noble  IN THE MIDST OF A CATASTROPHE LIKE THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN, ONE WOMAN WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO PROTECT HER FAMILY.  Sue Edge - celebrates her  book   ; Dead Tropics  ; with a tropical beach party. Get the Audible Audio Edition of Dead Tropics from the online audio.   of a much larger jigsaw. With time running out, can she find the strength to fight an ever-increasing enemy and save her family?New Cape Verde  tropical  storm forms | Watts Up With That?One of the Cape Verde waves coming off Africa has resulted in a new  tropical  storm. While he did say that the  book  needed some editing  book  it boiled . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.  " Dead Tropics " by Sue Edge -- A  Book  Review. It ;s zombie time again and this time we follow a feisty female nurse as she attempts to protect friends & family from the horde