Gia Karkarashvili on war #abkhazia #georgia #caucasus "...In the first place, the Ossetian war [1991-92] in Tskhinvali had just ended. The Georgia National Guard suffered heavy losses. We were exhausted. That’s why I thought it was reckless to go into Abkhazia. But I was told that the 13th-14th August was a good time to launch a military operation because the Russian Parliament was in recess. Unfortunately, we entered Abkhazia in a very disorganized way. We didn’t even have a specific goal and we started looting villages along the way. As a result, in the space of a month we managed to make enemies of the entire local population, especially the Armenians." - Gia Karkarashvili [General - Army Commander of the State Council of Georgia] [Absence of Will Documentary Film: 11.52 sec.]

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