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 Review: Star Trek —  Devil ;s Bargain  by Tony Daniel | Nashville . Author – Rachel Caine. ISBN-13: 978-1848451568.   Book  Review:  Devil ;s Bargain  by Rachel Caine | The Solitary . I was looking for a fun, and light paranormal .  Devil ;s Bargain  by Rachel Caine | Speculating on SpecFicI think  Devil ;s Bargain  is the kind of  book  one reads while travelling – it ;s easy to read and straight forward, and perfect for airports, planes and beaches.   Book  Review: " Devil ;s Bargain " by Tony Daniel - Star TrekTony Daniel ;s first Star Trek  book , “ Devil ;s Bargain ,” takes place three and a half years into the first five year mission. Pages – 304. Series – Red Letter Days. Special to The Seattle Times. Rothman. It feels just like an episode from an unseen season four with humor and fun, all while touching on some very . Save money & smile!  Devil's Bargain (Silhouette Bombshell #53) by Rachel Caine.   The Devil's Bargain: Edith Layton: 9780380818648: Books  Edith Layton loved to write.  Devil ;s Bargain  was originally released in 2005 with a slightly