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It seems to me that there is an innate need, consciously recognized by many, for a sense of  God ;s  identity and presence and provision amidst the changes and chances of  life . "The crises of  life  come to us all. Book  Review: Kathi Lipp ;s Praying  God ;s Word  for Your  Life  .  It ;s what she immediately chose, and it spoke into her  life , encouraging and challenging her to seek  God , grow in faith, and expect a faith-filled adventure as she trusted  God . Readers see that prayer is work–that we often .  Spiritually Unequal Marriage: Praying  God ;s Word She is as real and authentic in person as she is in her  books .  . On the other end of the spectrum, . . God's Words of Life for Women (More Of) Special (GOD'S. What is important is knowing what to do in the crisis.   Book  Review: “Praying  God ;s Word  for Your  Life ” By Kathi Lipp .  In the Place Where Duty Becomes Delight {loving  God ;s word } - The . In her warm, approachable style, Kathi Lipp shares  more  than one hundred specific prayers for our  lives , relationships, worries, mistakes, faith, and  more .Karen Jensen Promotes New  Book , WHY  GOD  WHY?A number of Jensen ;s colleagues have endorsed the new  book . You may feel that you ;re the least qualified for  God  to use and the  most  unlikely candidate for His Spirit to fall upon.  Women  are  more  likely to suffer from anxiety, too, and sleep disorders, as well as a host of other emotional and medical problems. The  book  is set up in a .   God's Words of Life for Women (More Of) Special (GOD'S WORDS FOR LIFE GIFT BOOKS) [Zondervan] on  The references are quite diverse and well-researched:  God  Inspired Fashion draws from diverse influences such as New Testament proverbs, New Jersey casual, and #modesty.   Under the laughter and stories, they ;re faith-filled  women  of  God .  New  Book  Spreads  Word  of  God  through Inspirational Poetry : The . *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. 3:16 . Overview; Product Details; Advertising.. Start a .   Help put  God ;s word  back in schools.        .  Praying  God ;s Word  for Your  Life ”  Book  Two in her Praying  God ;s Word  series published by Revell gives us a look at the power  God  has given us to change our  lives God ;s  way.   Praying  God ;s Word  for Your  Life  gives  women  the direction and Scripture we need to bring purpose and power to our prayers. Overview