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Josh Bernstein, K3N Adams, Angryblue and Aaron Augenblick

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I drew this illustration for the contents page of the latest issue of RoyalFlush magazine. HUGH HEFNER? FRANK ZAPPA & JACK KIRBY? ALICE COOPER? TED NUGENT? All this… in one issue? And still MORE? Featuring Cover. Now in its sixth year, Royal Flush is read by more.  Easily the best Royal Flush book to date by a landslide, Book Six boasts an exclusive cover story with Playboy's Hugh Hefner,.   Royal Flush Magazine - Book Six: Josh Bernstein, K3N Adams.         .   Through hard work and a love of his craft, Royal Flush magazine s Josh Bernstein has developed one of the more creative magazines on newsstands today and is now.   Royal Flush Magazine Book Six, Josh Bernstein. Royal Flush Magazine is the crown jewel in the #Number Foundation publishing empire.   Read Royal Flush Book Six is Released! ORDER NOW!!!! by Royal Flush Magazine (ROYAL FLUSH MAGAZINE) on Myspace. Customer Reviews: Royal Flush Magazine - Book Six  5 stars.   BRENT ENGSTROM'S BLOG: Royal Flush Magazine book 6  Here's the finished comic page I did for royal Flush Magazine.   ROYAL FLUSH BOOK SIX Royal Flush Magazine  Royal Flush has surprised even itself.  Royal Flush Magazine - Book 6! - Illustration  Joan Jett by Josh Bernstein. Such a good read, cover to cover with amazing art. "MAD for the New Generation" Ever heard of MAD Magazine? This book is MAD Magazine on steroids...seriously.  Royal Flush Book Six is Released! ORDER NOW!!!! by Royal Flush. 0971003939)  Royal Flush Magazine - Book Six by Josh Bernstein. Social entertainment powered by the passions of fans. ( 9780971003934)  Royal Flush magazine Book 6 | An Exercise in Perseverance  Royal Flush magazine Book 6.