as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

update to the latest set

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1026 days ago

update to the latest set


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Bloodsiphon 1017 days ago

i can already taste the blood of him

Bloodsiphon 1022 days ago

last comment i didnt type it right but u guys get the picture

Bloodsiphon 1022 days ago

then id dry out the heart and drap it around my neck with the arteries as a necklace

Bloodsiphon 1022 days ago

if we could at least be given the option to kill alteon which we usually do or better yet get to tear his heart out ill be exstatic

Bloodsiphon 1022 days ago

jbregala...eh so what the sorrow and misery of people is music to me...and in a way turns me on lol

Walford_Matthew 1023 days ago

Awesome, I hope this is released in Quibble's shop.

jbregala 1024 days ago

...then alteon's daughters will be cried when seeing this! T_T

Bloodsiphon 1025 days ago

If this kind alteon....i cant wait to tear his still beating heart from his chest and devour it

Dan_X_Doa 1025 days ago

Full Chaos King Alteon. :3

Dan_X_Doa 1025 days ago

9dragons3 1026 days ago

The set looks really nice, possible boss drop for war or shop? :O

MiItonius 1026 days ago

Oh my cheesepie, KING ALTEON IS THE NEXT CHAOS LORD?!?!?!?

Dage_The_Great 1026 days ago

so epic :O

Dage_The_Great 1026 days ago

ermagerd :O

Noletroid 1026 days ago

I don't want to show spoilers or something, but King Alteon.

Veneeria_AQW 1026 days ago

The moment when you notice who's crown is that....

Shydoli 1026 days ago

nice work mann this set is more like yur old items style i like it alot :D WILL SURELY BUY IT

VFhone 1026 days ago

Btw I see a blue part to the chest, and also don't ya think the other hand is blendin' in with the cape too well? xD

Cowctus 1026 days ago

Chaos Lord? Not bad. This thing looks dark, and we could use more dark AQW sagas.

OptionalGeek 1026 days ago

That's...Cool. Can you do one of those really long, pointy swords you do? Like a jouster's javelin?