Sevyn Talks About The New Album From Chris Brown "X"

"X is great. This album is incredible, it's unbelievable," she said.
"There are many great composers and producers. He looks a lot like Chris Brown. Today, I was in the car with his manager Tina Davis and his new single with Nicki" Love More "came on the radio and I got this feeling, I often I say 'I love your voice. "it's crazy because you think I got used to his voice after being with him for all these years, but not all. I really like her voice and I think she can overcome all types and in all their albums. I feel like I've always done this, for example, he can sing a song
Pop, R & B, Rap, techno, "says Sevyn.
"X gives us that He can make any kind and you will always feel. This little trick to Album X is simply amazing" says Sevyn.

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