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The Disrespected President


I know where people come from when they complain about their conservative friends or family. Most of my family, and friends, are republicans. I have had knock-down drag-out arguments. All I do is bring out the facts to prove their point wrong. I never get nasty, or show-boat with “I told you so!”. Yet I have still lost friends, and have lost relationships with close family. It is sad. I am ready to give up and go against my principles to try to mend things. Because these conservative-Christians can be so stubborn, I know they will never see where they are wrong, despite the facts, so I will get nothing from them.

Would you like to know my opinion on why Ted Nugent and others refer to Hilary as a “whore”? The truth? The truth is that they just hate her so much, they throw that word at her as a vile insult. Think of it this way; remember grade school, junior high and high school? I remember kids throwing around that word just to hurt a girl, even if she were a complete lady and a virgin. That’s the mentality of these chuckleheads. They just throw around horrible words to incite their “junior high school brained” audience...