#OpDHS #DHS #AndrewMefford gives #VacuumDude his card https://twitter.com/VacuumDude https://twitpic.com/tag/dhs // Hey if you do not see me tweet by tomorrow morning, please expose this, WTF I can't believe this hit me back & kno u http://imgur.com/vMQjVq4.jpg 
wtf? you get a visit from this guy? 
He spoke Spanish which thank God I spoke
Tried talking to him, shot the shit, he is a vet says infighting turf war, doesn't explain the arabic linguist though
My business is online vac parts completely legit, nothing to hide
what did he say? related to boston? cyber-crimes wtf? these criminals aren't investigating crimes, they are intimidating the victims
Sent him an email no reply, something is happening
No clue, the only thing I can think I have ecommerce business
Nothing related to Boston, I brought it up, I caught him outside a bar, approached him, told him I wanted to talk
Took the battery out of my phone and told him I wasn't his enemy, and just wanted to talk
He came then made a call when a friend, and my bro came up in Spanish
be careful talking to any government official. they are seldom your friend. they are like mobsters, with a veil of legitimacy. 
He was talking numbers not anything sinister until I spoke Spanish back, at which time he said "he understands" and said it was his girl
He was getting ready to retire in Ecuador with his girl, had seven kids
i could have went to #FBI with #BostonHoax stuff, but then id prolly wind up disappeared or charged with some trumped up BS. is this #USA? #OpUSA #OpNWO
It was the most bizarre thing I've ever experienced 
Yea, I know Believe me I know, just want answers 
you think he was tailing you? you approached him, but he was on the phone talking about you and yours?
I went to Leesburg, the second Richest county Loudoun in the country born and raised, for 30 years, waking peeps up
After the second bar, noticed him outside the bar when I smoked, then the second time he's there, and finally the third time I'm smoking
He's there, I go up to him and his license plate said Vet Foreign War Service, and something I've never seen, sunscript http://www.google.com/search?q=sunscript
Md plates 8AY0122 A above the y 
Anyways he comes over and we talk very briefly my brother comes out, and won't , leave me alone even though I ask him to, then my girl comes with my kids and he gives me his card and tells me to email him 
Which I did and he hasn't replied, what the fuck is ICE doing is my question weird,
anyways I needed to tell someone, going to give a day or so before I post publicly
#GoogleAndrewMefford #AndrewMefford http://www.linkedin.com/pub/andrew-mefferd/7/712/82
DMs only queue so many messages before old ones get deleted. i copy paste here. http://friendfeed.com/impoliteconversation/20a04294/please-screen-shot-death-threats-and-post-em-to
arabic linguist tells you a bit about what he is involved with. - 
you mind if i go ahead and share his business card now? get it out sooner than later #GoogleAndrewMefferd 
Yep GTG 
Buddy who is a medic headed to middle east deployed one week ago tomorrow
#syria? #iran? why not both? #OpSyria #OpIran #OpIsrael #OpLibya #OpEgypt #OpAfghanistan 
http://i.imgur.com/vMQjVq4.jpg US Dept of Homeland Security US immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations Cyber Crimes Center Andrew Mefford #AndrewAMefford #AndrewMefford Senior Special Agent Arabic Linguist cell 202-489-4433 Desk 703-293-6362 andrew.a.mefford@ice.dhs.gov Special Agent #SpecialAgent 11320 Random Hills Drive 4th FL Fairfax, VA 22030