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Sotheby ;s.   ;Downloads  Art At Auction 1972-73 book  ;, rlaineycerecer7 ;s blog .   In this excellent example of the strip told entirely without word balloons, Jill and Steve are in bed, where she is reading a  book .  edytheuuko  Art at Auction : The Year at Sothe|||Parke Bernet, Category:  Art  History,  Art  Catalogs:  Auctions Art at Auction : The Year at Sotheby Parke Bernet,  1972-73 . A  1972-73  Porsche 917 Interserie Spyder sold for $3.97 million.The intricate  art  of Roland Ayers |  Auction  FindsSeveral years ago, I came across a bright orange watercolor/gouache of Ayers at  auction . Prices given in the national.   Graphis Magazine #159 - 1972/73 -- "The Art of the Comic Strip" Special Issue in Books, Magazine Back Issues | eBay  Sotheby Art at Auction | eBay  Art Book ART AT AUCTION The Year at Sotheby 1973-74 Hardcover with dust jacket..   In 1988, he won the Manufacturers Hanover  Art /World Award for Distinguished Newspaper  Art  Criticism for his coverage of the 1987  auction  sale of Vincent Van Gogh ;s Irises.eMuseum of Great Uniforms & Memorabilia | Grey Flannel  Auctions  . General Information:  Artist : Dezso Korniss.   Night Nurse #1-4 Group (Marvel, 1972-73) Condition: Average FN+.  A  1972-73  Porsche 917 Interserie Spyder sold for $3.97 million.   Lot 12246: Fantastic Four #121-135 Group (Marvel, 1972-73) Condition: Average FN/VF. The piece was originally estimated to sell for $30,000; Khan had to far exceed .         . Time left: $14.99. Motif of "Szur" II,  1972-73 . . May 15, 2009 in  book  ·  art at auction  002 ·  art at auction  001 · inside cover turned.  Struggle, 1949. Art auction sales, sales catalogues and price guides study . Used. Sotheby ;s - LibraryThing | Catalog your  books  online .   1972-73 ..  1920/21–1972/73. via. share: Like this: Like Loading Categories.  Art at Auction :