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Obama vows to use bully pulpit to break the austerity curse


President Obama’s speech on the economy today was best understood as an opening shot in what he promised will be a sustained campaign to break the austerity curse that has gripped Washington ever since the 2010 elections persuaded Obama and Dems to enter into a defensive crouch in the big arguments over government spending and the economy.

As Ezra Klein notes, today’s speech was short on policy. It wasn’t a policy speech. It was a set up to something much longer. But that much longer thing could prove important. Obama said he’d be taking his case on the road in coming days in a series of speeches and appearances, and vowed to “engage” the public in an argument over the true nature of our short and long term economic challenges. Indeed, this speech was more of a template for what’s to come — a sustained argument against the prevailing pro-austerity prejudices that continue to hold sway in Washington and for a robust government role in creating jobs and securing long term middle class security...