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Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Analysis Indicates That Over 35,000 Voters Were Disenfranchised In 2012 General Election As A Result Of Voter ID


Even though the Voter ID law was not enforced for the 2012 general election, through a careful statistical analysis of the available data we were able to determine with a 99% degree of certainty that between 35,239 and 36,613 voters were disenfranchised due to confusion caused by the State's efforts to educate voters about photo ID requirements.  Our analysis is explained in detail in documents that are available from the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.

When the Commonwealth Court finally enjoined the Voter ID law in October of 2012, many opponents of the law criticized the Court for failing to address the State's ongoing education efforts.  The concern was that individuals would be led to believe that the Voter ID law was still in effect, and that confusion around the status of the law would cause many legitimate voters to stay home if they believed that they would not be allowed to vote.  In fact, there were several reports of voters receiving mailers from the Department of State after the injunction was issued, which erroneously informed voters that they would not be allowed to vote without an approved photo ID...

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