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Obama: Revive the American Dream


In a speech delivered at Knox College in Illinois, Barack Obama launched his final campaign: a campaign to revive the American Dream. The speech, less eloquent and windier than the best of Obama's, told Americans a clear story and called on them to support a clear direction. The White House promises that this will be the beginning of a campaign, not a one-off statement for the record. Obama finally called out the "faction of Republicans" that stands in the way of progress.

We don't know if this pledge will be fulfilled, or if the initiative will be swamped in the cesspool of budget negotiations, Republican obstruction and presidential concessions that will descend once more on Washington in the fall. But the initiative has the potential of drawing clear distinctions with the Republican right, and offering Americans a clear choice. Given that, it is worth understanding the scope -- and the limits -- of the president's vision...