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The main character, Leo Demidov, is a mid-level Soviet security agency officer.   ;Safe House ; Helmer Daniel Espinosa For  ; Child 44  ; - Deadline Child 44 . Richard said: Rating: 4* of fiveThe Book Report: In the Socialist Worker's Paradise that is Stalin's 195... Title: Night ;s  Child  (Sweep #15) Author: Cate Tiernan Date Read: July 11, 2013 # of Pages: 318. The story follows a former Soviet Military Police Officer who .  We ;re Expecting  Child 44  with Tom Hardy! - Criminal ElementFilming just started on  Child 44 , based on the 2008 debut novel by Tom Rob Smith involving a child murderer in Stalinist Russia and based on a true crime.   Tom Rob Smith : Child 44 : Book Review - Mostly Fiction Book Reviews  Read a book review of Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith at Mostly Fiction.   ; Child 44  ebook downloads ;, hongvoss ;s blog message on Netlog Child 44 book  download.  Book  Summary (from Amazon ;s site): .   Child 44 has 19,803 ratings and 2,471 reviews. His career has been spent pursuing enemies of the state, often . You can not put it down… sooo scary. Learn more Child 44 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Child 44 is a thriller novel by British writer Tom Rob .  Child 44  centers on Leo Demidov, a security officer in Stalin ;s Soviet Union who finds himself .  Charlottellamae CBR5  Book  Review #3  Child 44  by Tom Rob Smith